Competences in
  • Artifact Removal
  • Dose Reduction
  • Image Reconstruction
  • Scanner Calibration
  • Scanner Design

RayConStruct® GmbH was founded by Prof. Dr. Marc Kachelrieß and Dr. Michael Knaup. The name RayConStruct was registered for tomographic devices, algorithms and services. It is composed of "Ray" for x-ray, "Con" for consulting and "Struct" for struct (programming languages C and C++). Phonetically, RayConStruct is similar to "reconstruct".

High flexibility in small and large scale projects and about three decades of know-how in CT imaging, CT image reconstruction and CT artifact correction, combined with nearly one decade of know-how in machine learning make RayConStruct a unique partner and valuable provider of reliable solutions in the field of computed tomography.

Fields of Activity

RayConStruct is active in the field of acquisition, reconstruction, correction, calibration and restoration of tomographic data. On the one hand this comprises the development and implementation of algorithms for data acquisition, data preprocessing, image reconstruction and data postprocessing. Those algorithms can either be of classical type or of data-driven type, such as it is the case with deep learning-based solutions. On the other hand RayConStruct GmbH acts as a consultant to companies that design and manufacture tomographic devices or act as suppliers to those.

The main focus of RayConStruct GmbH lies in the field of x-ray-based CT scanners. Among those in particular clinical CT, C-arm CT, micro CT, dental CT, CT mammography, portal imaging and tomosynthesis procedures. Apart from medical imaging the company concentrates on non-destructive material testing, coordinate measurement and on security devices such as luggage scanners.

RayConStruct offers customer-specific solutions that comprise the design and development of algorithms, neural networks, reference implementations with validation, high-performance implementation using general purpose or specialized hardware and integration into existing systems. RayConStruct offers professional services regarding different kinds of reconstruction, restoration or correction algorithms, image quality management, computational performance, training/validation/test data generation, data augmentation, and required resources. Consulting is provided for the complete development range from first design steps to the final product. RayConStruct GmbH also implements and validates existing algorithms according to customer specifications. RayConStruct GmbH optimizes available code or it ports available programs to other architectures like CPU or GPU or clusters of those.

Company form: Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung (GmbH)

Managing directors: Prof. Dr. Marc Kachelrieß, Dr. Michael Knaup

Address: Adam-Kraft-Straße 5, 90419 Nürnberg, Germany